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Customer co-creation

The R&D centre of Hitachi India promotes sharing of technical expertise with global R&D labs and communicating with regional business units, in order to understand customers’ problems and provide effective solutions for them. We have a two-way approach to customer co-creation; towards Indian market and towards global market.

In India, the Hitachi India R&D centre works in close collaboration with business units that are in direct contact with end users, thereby contributing to the social innovation business in the country. We support this activity through research in the areas of water, payments, and power electronics.

Towards global market, we share our technical competency with R&D labs in Japan to enhance their research activity. These labs, in turn, provide solutions to customers across the world through business units in Japan, hence promoting global customer co-creation. We support their research activities in the areas of automotive and software platforms.

Customer-co creation towards Indian and global markets Customer Co-Creation towards Indian and global markets