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Customer Co-Creation

Co-creation occurs when organizations engage partners, customers and outside stakeholders in the innovation process to deliver new products and services. As the complexity of problems in business increases, we need multiple perspectives and different capabilities to come together to find innovative solutions. Hitachi’s Global Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) aims at driving innovations through proposing and validating solutions that embed critically developed technologies for the issues extracted from dialogues with customers and multiple stakeholders. The purpose of Global CSI is to formulate vision and policy for each region as a part of global operations and create a business model to provide value to the customer. The collaboration between CSI and Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI) aims to leverage technological strengths in value creation.

R&D Centre of Hitachi India promotes the collaborative and co-creative approach to discover solutions that will define the innovations of tomorrow. Working in close companionship with the local and global market, we find out crucial bottlenecks and offer practical solutions. With our high-end engineering and analytics, we merge an integrative and forward-thinking process with the business units that are directly communicating with the market. We work in close collaboration with business units that are in direct contact with end-users, thereby contributing to the social innovation business in the country. We support this activity through research in the areas of finance, water, smart city, etc.

With regards to the global market, we impart our technical expertise to the R&D labs in Japan to augment their research activity. Some of the assisted research fields include autonomous drive control, data sciences and AI and software platforms. Sequentially, these labs bring about innovative solutions to customers all over the globe through various business units of Japan. The successful completion of the process eventually fosters the global customer co-creation.

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Co-Creation at Hitachi