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Hitachi in India

Hitachi engineers work on new products and technologies with an aim to ensure stable energy supply and environmental preservation. Our diverse range of products and services categorized into environmental, power and industrial types not just focus on development of better power generation systems but also on smooth and efficient power distribution techniques.


Equipment for Environment Protection/Management

Equipment for Environment Protection/Management

The need for efficient equipment for environment protection and management is being felt across the globe. Hitachi in association with Babcock has been providing efficient environmental control solutions for the last 30 years. Due to constant Hitachi-Babcock endeavors towards environmental preservation, clients worldwide have been able to eliminate sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases.


Power Generation/Transmission

Power Generation / Transmission Equipment

Hitachi brings into foray its vast experience in variety of power generation facilities and combines it with cutting edge technologies to develop reliable power generation systems and transmission equipment for its global base of clients. Over the years Hitachi has earned high reputation for best-in-class development, maintenance, and distribution of advanced power generation systems.

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Nuclear Information

Hitachi's nuclear power systems include the cutting edge turbine generators, recognized globally for the unmatched efficiency and high degree of reliability they offer. What makes Hitachi's nuclear power systems superior and reliable are advanced features such as reliable stator winding against electromagnetic force and cyclic thermal expansion, direct water cooled stator winding and anti-heat cycle insulation system for field winding.


Thermal Power

Hitachi's thermal power plant systems have been recognized globally for the superior quality, high reliability, contemporary design and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that go into their production. Our thermal power plant systems including boilers, turbines, generators and control systems provide superior performance and output.

Get a quick overview about Hitachi's experience and expertise in thermal power generation facilities.

Power Generation System

Hitachi provides a broad range of power generation systems designed specifically to suit your industrial application needs. These include air cooled, hydrogen cooled, water cooled, 2 pole and 4 pole generators. Hitachi generators are available in multiple power bands ranging 250 KVA to 1,540,000 KVA and also offer host of benefits such as high-efficiency, high-grade insulation, low-noise level and easy maintenance.


Electric Power System

Only consistent power supply can ensure the glitch free operation of any electrical power plant. A slightest interruption in the power supply can harm the entire power plant and this is where Hitachi comes to the rescue of its esteemed clients. Hitachi's latest electric power systems ensure complete power continuity and are apt for even the most complex, large-scale electrical power plants.

Transmission & Distribution Equipment (Substation)

Hitachi provides specialized power transmission and distribution equipment for its clients spread across the globe. Click on the links below to get detailed information about Hitachi's variety of transmission and distribution equipment.



Industrial Components & Equipment

Industrial Components & Equipment

Hitachi is a leading provider of advanced electrical and electronic industrial components and equipment to a global base of clients. Hitachi has clients in industries such as steel making, mass transit systems, pharmaceutical plants and food and beverage processing, among others. Hitachi's innovative products can give your business the critical leading edge required to zoom past the competition.

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Industrial Machinery Systems

Industrial Machinery Systems

Hitachi provides state-of-the-art industrial machinery systems that work in synchronization with the complex industrial application needs of our clients. Hitachi is globally recognized for the advanced industrial machinery systems that immensely contribute towards the fulfillment of the growing needs within the industrial environment.

For more information about the latest industrial machinery systems offered by Hitachi, visit the links given below.



Plant Construction Technologies

The plant construction technologies are a Hitachi initiative to reduce the amount of on-site work in variety of industries. Hitachi's modular construction method has been successfully implemented at numerous power stations over the past so many years. It integrates various smaller components including support structures, piping, equipment, electrical and air conditioning into one large module to facilitate smoother and efficient construction work.

More information on Hitachi's plant construction technologies is available at the links given below.


Information and Control Systems

Information and Control Systems

Huge infrastructure such as thermal power plants, energy transmission lines, railway lines and large sized steel plants require specialized expertise to efficiently operate and manage. Hitachi has devised optimal information as well as control systems and solutions which are integrated to provide clients optimized systems, products and solutions exactly in synchronization with their specific needs.