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Hitachi in India

Social Innovation Business

Social Innovation Business is one of the ways in which Hitachi gives back to the society. Hitachi provides a complete range of products, solutions and services, including information technology (IT) products, security systems, electronic devices and semiconductors, medical systems, electrical power generation systems and industrial systems. We employ cutting-edge technology to develop world-class IT, semiconductors, medical, transport and industrial products and systems. Explore the features of our social innovation business products below.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and domain expertise, Hitachi provides IT products and solutions for small and medium businesses, midsized organizations and enterprise-level organizations. We provide intelligent and value-added data storage systems and information and control systems, tailored to your business needs. Hitachi storage systems and control systems enable effective data management at affordable price. Browse through our IT products to learn more.


Security Solutions

Advancing technology has increased the need for robust physical and information security systems for businesses. Hitachi provides advanced security systems for both information and physical security to help businesses focus on their core strategies. Our products and solutions ensure stringent information and physical security by enabling comprehensive functionality, efficient operation, flexibility and ease of usability. Discover the amazing features of Hitachi electronic and physical security systems below.

Electronic Devices / Materials

Electronic Devices and Semiconductors

Hitachi is a leading manufacturer of electronic devices and semiconductors to help businesses employ cutting-edge technology in their solutions. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques and technical acumen to custom design electronic devices and semiconductors to meet your business requirements. Our team designs and manufactures key components in-house to optimize the performance of electronic devices and semiconductors. Explore the versatile lineup of Hitachi's electronic devices and semiconductors below.

Railway Systems

Railway Systems

Hitachi has been one of the leading companies in Railway Industry since 1910s. Hitachi engineers continually work on the development of intelligent solutions for Railway Systems, in synchronization with planning needs of countries/cities.

Finance / Industrial AC Solutions

Finance / Industrial AC Solutions

With an aim to provide a social infrastructure that guarantees safety and stability, Hitachi provides world-class transportation systems, urban infrastructure systems and finance services. We leverage our industry and technical expertise to supply transport systems of international quality. Our transport systems are reliable with high functionality and seamless operation. To learn more about Hitachi's transportation systems, browse the sections below.

Medical / Health Care

Medical Systems and Healthcare Solutions

Development in technology has enabled unprecedented progress in the medical industry. Hitachi provides state-of-the-art medical systems for the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical industry. Keeping the critical need for accuracy, speed and precision in mind, we provide medical systems that ensure high performance, efficiency and functionality, adhering to the international standards of quality. We have a collection of healthcare systems to meet your requirements. Browse the section below to learn more about Hitachi medical systems.

Environment / Power / Industrial

Electrical Power Generation & Industrial Systems

Environment conservation is the need of the hour. With cutting-edge power generation and industrial systems, Hitachi provides innovative solutions to environmentally conscious organizations. We strive to develop electrical power generation systems and industrial systems to augment your conservation, recycling and sustainability efforts. Our industrial and electrical power generation systems help you reduce and optimize your impact on the environment. Explore the range of Hitachi's electrical power generation and industrial systems below.