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Hitachi in India

Case Studies

Advanced ATM Solution for Evolved Banking Needs in India

Karur Vysya Bank Limited

HT2845V Bunch Note Acceptor

Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) is a premier national bank with a sprawling network of 551 branches and 1277 ATMs across India. The bank was looking for an automated solution to meet the growing demand for teller services which diverted its focus from Value Added Services and hampered its customer service as well. Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions helped KVB by installing HT-2845-V ATM terminals at over 150 locations of the bank across India. It helped KVB streamline the administrative process and cash flow while improving the level of the customer service.

New IT Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiency

Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd

Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd

Toshiba Singapore's current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system lacks an efficient job scheduler solution that bears important features like automatic alerts as well as event-based job runs. This results in significant IT overhead incurred from the need to monitor job runs manually. Using Hitachi JP1/ Automatic Job Management System (JP1/AJS), enhanced job creation and scheduling are now possible and the requirement for manual effort by its IT team is substantially reduced.

Technological Advancements in Broadcasting Industry

MediaCorp Pte Ltd

MediaCorp Pte Ltd

As the broadcasting industry went through a digitization period, significant advancements were made in the technology used by broadcasters. MediaCorp recognized this as an opportunity to upgrade its technology. With Digital Microwave Link, Hitachi Kokusai Electric ensures broadcast leaders to stay at the forefront of digital broadcasting industry.

Improving Work Environment with New Screw Compressor

Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP)

Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP)

Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP) needed a solution to overcome the cumbersome maintenance as well as the environmental pollutions emitted from its air compressors. Using Hitachi Screw Compressor, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems helped to keep the loud noise and vibrations to a minimum while ensuring simple maintenance for the compressor.

Hitachi Case Studies in Other Regions

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