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Hitachi Home & Life Solutions (India) Ltd. (HHLI) a subsidiary of Hitachi Appliances Inc, Japan, focuses on the development and supply of high-quality products and technology that contribute to the overall prosperity of the society. We manufacture diverse range of products including Room Air-conditioners and Commercial Air-conditioners as well as trade VRF Systems, Rooftops, Chillers, and Refrigerators.

HHLI is headquartered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has manufacturing facility at Kadi, Gujarat. We have a strong nationwide distribution network and we also feature among the top air-conditioning companies in India. HHLI has been a pioneer in technology and innovation and is ahead of its competition in introducing newer concepts and features in air-conditioning due to its high spending on R&D.

Hitachi Home Electronics, subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd and Hitachi Asia, oversees consumer and multimedia products in India and other region. Hitachi Home Electronics formulates and implements operational strategies and engages in product planning. It markets a wide range of Home Appliances and Audio Visual Products for the household. For the commercial market, a wide range of LCD projectors and Interactive Whiteboards are available to meet all business needs.


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Hitachi had been manufacturing fans, electric refrigerators, coolers and well pumps since before World War II. However, the desires for household appliances only began in the late 1950s in Japan.

Hitachi released its first television model in 1956 under an affiliate brand, Showa Denshi (currently known as Kokusai Electric Inc). During that time, Hitachi was not well known for its home appliances as compared to Kansai manufacturers. To counter this, Hitachi managed to secure the right to advertise on the Tsutenkaku Tower in return for supporting its construction costs. Television then, was a popular topic among the consumers. Hence, Hitachi advertised on all four sides with "Hitachi Television", "Hitachi Pumps", "Hitachi Motors" and "Hitachi Lamps".

Hitachi's product range was extended to include light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, vacuum cleaners, room coolers, transistor radios, tape recorders and electric heating appliances. In 1957, Hitachi Home Electric Appliance Geppuhanbai (currently known as Hitachi Capital Corporation) was established to promote sales in Tokyo and Osaka. As the average annual income of a salaried professional was low due to economic recession, Hitachi started allowing convenient monthly installment purchasing of its products. After an economic growth, ordinary people are able to enrich their lives with one highly sought-after appliance after another through monthly installment payments.



Click on any one of the years below to view Hitachi's accomplishments since 1910.


Start of prototype electric fan


Hitachi started developing electric fans in 1916 and succeeded with mass production in 1926. Thirty of these were exported to the United States.
1916's Electric Fans


The first electric refrigerator for industrial use was first produced in 1932 by Kameido Works.


Wireless equipment
Radio receiver
Lighting equipment


First electric washer
Window air conditioner
Electric vacuum cleaner
Electric heater
Black-and-white TV
Transistor radio
Japan's first room air conditioner


Color TV
Stereo, tape recorder
Fully automatic washer
Dry-type room air conditioner
Educational-use VCR
All transistor color TV


VT-4000 VCR


Wooo Series flat panel TV
PAM control refrigerator and air conditioner


High-definition Plasma/LCD Television Series
CP-A200 Projector with 3,000 Im and an Ultra-short Throw Distance
Big Drum, Front loading washer-dryers
Featuring heat recycling and air iron
Premium Cleaner with a Two-stage Boost Cyclone Chamber
Room air conditioner with radiation sensor and human movement and sound detection
CP-AW250N Ultimate Short Throw Projector
HD Camera for Teleconference Systems
“Frost Recycle Cooling and Vacuum Compartment W (Wide)” High-capacity refrigerator