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Hitachi Alternators, Regulators & Rectifiers

Alternators, Regulators & Rectifiers

Hitachi Automotive Systems has been a leader in the international automotive aftermarket for past more than 30 years. We have continually evolved our products and have emerged as one of the largest manufacturer in the aftermarket of spare parts for the European and Japanese automobiles. We manufacture and supply a broad range of automotive products such as alternators, regulators and rectifiers.

Hitachi Alternator Spare Parts

Alternator Spare Parts

Regulators and rectifiers are critical electronic parts of an alternator. While an alternator is the primary source of electric supply in any vehicle, any malfunction within an alternator may lead to drastic problems in the entire vehicle. Hitachi Automotive Systems manufactures precision alternator spare parts including regulators and rectifiers that ensure safe functioning of an alternator in an automobile.

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Hitachi Ignition Modules

Ignition Modules

We leverage our years of experience in the automotive industry to manufacture ignition modules for the engine management system. While a faulty ignition module system can lead to misfires, stuttering, or total engine failure, Hitachi Automotive Systems' ignition modules ensure smooth functioning of the engine management system. Our ignition modules primarily consist of two sub-groups, amplifier and pick-up/hall systems.

Explore more about the various features and functionality of Hitachi Automotive Systems' Ignition Modules.

Hitachi Fuel Pump Relays

Fuel Pump Relays

It is known that fuel pump relays are essential safety units for any vehicle. The fuel pump is switched on via the relay and in case of any accident the electric circuit of the relay cuts the power supply to the fuel pump within 1-2 seconds. Hitachi Automotive Systems is a leading manufacturer of world-class relays that ensure error-free functioning of fuel pump under all circumstances.

For more information on our products, visit us at Hitachi Automotive Systems' Fuel Pump Relays.

Hitachi Glow Plug Relays

Glow Plug Relays

Our glow plug relays find extensive use in diesel driven passenger cars. Hitachi Automotive Systems' infuse glow plug relays with the latest technology to ensure optimum performance in all weather conditions. Our relays keep close tab on multiple factors such as outside air temperature and motor temperature to control the pre-heating time of the glow plugs.

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