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Hitachi Parts & Materials

Parts & Materials

Hitachi Chemical provides a wide variety of class-leading parts and materials such as functional materials and advanced components and systems for industrial application across verticals.

Hitachi Functional Materials

Functional Materials

Hitachi Chemical is a leading manufacturer of functional materials that primarily comprise of electronic, inorganic, polymer science, printed wiring board & other function al materials. This material caters wide range of applications including semiconductor, display, Photovoltaic, Resins, Electric insulating, LED reflector, PWB and carbon or ceramic related.

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Hitachi Advanced Components and Systems

Advanced Components and Systems

Hitachi Chemical leverages its expertise across technologies to manufacture world-class advanced components and systems such as Automotive products, Electronic components, Energy storage devices & life science materials. This range offers powder metal products for automotive, batteries for both electrical equipment's as well as automotive, passive components like capacitors, diagnostic equipment's etc.

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Social Innovation Business

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Hitachi Social Innovation Business