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Hitachi Computed Tomography System

Computed Tomography System

Hitachi leverages its wealth of expertise and experience in computed tomography (CT) to provide CT systems that focus on dose efficiency, excellent image quality, ease of use and uncompromised patient safety. With an experience of over 40 years in the manufacture of CT systems, Hitachi strives to exceed customer expectations and provide optimal operating performance in wide variety of imaging environments.



Hitachi's cutting-edge SCENARIA CT system allows scanning a wide area in a short span of time and delivers precise high quality images. Leveraging high-speed data sampling technologies SCENARIA allows not only cardiac scanning but also whole-body scanning.

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Supria 64

Supria 64

Hitachi Supria 64 features a compact body and has great potential to provide customers with a variety of solutions. Diagnosability, high throughput, high operability, maximum care for patients and high profitability are some of the key features that distinguish Supria 64 from its competition.

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Hitachi Supria answers the growing need for faster and more accurate diagnosis in the modern medical practice. It features a compact design and answers all the demands for various routine applications, without any compromise.

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