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Hitachi Magnet Resonance Imaging System

Magnet Resonance Imaging System

Hitachi recognizes the importance of healthcare in our society today, and in the days to come. We leverage our deep expertise across technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment of disease while enriching the patient experience and delivering diagnostic confidence. We, at Hitachi, provide the most advanced Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems such as APERTO Lucent, AIRIS Vento and AIRIS Light.

Hitachi APERTO Lucent


High-field applications require prime open MRI technologies to meet the diagnostic imaging needs. Hitachi presents the advanced APERTO Lucent MRI system that can process necessary information instantly, perform highly reproductive clinical imaging, ensure optimum patient comfort and more.

Learn everything you need to know about Hitachi APERTO Lucent (Link to Healthcare site. Open in new window.)

Hitachi AIRIS Vento


One of the most advanced MRI offering from Hitachi is AIRIS Vento. It brings together Hitachi's expertise across the superconductive MRI application technologies and Open MRI technologies. While its open design is a boon for those who are claustrophobic, the new wide display makes it easier to call all the necessary information.

Find out more about Hitachi AIRIS Vento (Link to Healthcare site. Open in new window.)

Hitachi AIRIS Light


The AIRIS Light MRI system brings together new imaging technologies and workflow solutions to enhance the efficiency of examinations. The laterally aligned table and rounded design add immensely to the ease of operation for users and patient comfort. The unique high-sensitivity solenoid type receiver coil offers a large field of view.

Explore more about Hitachi AIRIS Light (Link to Healthcare site. Open in new window.)

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