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Hitachi Ultrasound System

Ultrasound System

Hitachi has several decades of experience in manufacturing path-breaking ultrasound technologies that have advanced the standard of real time imaging. We leverage our deep expertise in imaging technologies to help healthcare professionals deliver cutting-edge solutions to diagnose and treat patients and ensure the best patient care possible. Our wide spectrum of ultrasound systems includes ARIETTA70, HI VISION Ascendus, ProSound F75 Premier CV, HI VISION Preirus and ProSound Alpha7, among others.

Hitachi ARIETTA70


The class-leading ARIETTA70 ultrasound system is a result of the fusion of technologies developed in both the HI VISION series and the ProSound series. It combines high quality sound with precision technologies to generate outstanding quality of diagnostic images while delivering unprecedented performance.

Discover more about Hitachi ARIETTA70.

Hitachi ARIETTA60


The ARIETTA60 ultrasound system brings forth Hitachi’s deep expertise in developing advanced imaging technologies. Every part of the machine has been engineered to contribute to the superb image quality – be it the transducer materials, front-end or the backend and the display monitor.

Get complete information about the latest Hitachi ARIETTA60.

Hitachi ARIETTA Precision

ARIETTA Precision

Designed to fit in confined space, ARIETTA Precision is a new age ultrasound system. It is contemporary in style, easy to operate, offers effortless mobility and outstanding image quality. Equipped with 21.5 inch monitor, it features a full touch panel that can be operated even when wearing gloves.

Find out more about Hitachi ARIETTA Precision.

Hitachi ARIETTA Prologue

ARIETTA Prologue

The advanced diagnostic ultrasound system, ARIETTA Prologue redefines refinement. It has been designed to easily fit-in varied operating environments such as in consultation rooms and wards, and treatment rooms, while ensuring maximum user flexibility.

For more information, visit us at Hitachi ARIETTA Prologue.

Hitachi HI VISION Ascendus

HI VISION Ascendus

The top-end HI VISION Ascendus satiates the demand for high quality imaging. The primary performance of basic features has been optimized to deliver unmatched clarity and detail. HI VISION Ascendus features high density probes which provide more sensitive and detailed images for reliable diagnosis.

Learn more about Hitachi HI VISION Ascendus.

Hitachi ProSound F75 Premier CV

ProSound F75 Premier CV

The next-generation proSound F75 Premier CV ultrasound system has been specifically developed to fulfill a variety of cardiovascular requirements. It allows performing examination in a natural posture, and advanced features such as pre-examination settings to data management enable operator to obtain examination results with fewer user key strokes.

Explore more about the features of Hitachi ProSound F75 Premier CV.

Hitachi ProSound F75 Premier

ProSound F75 Premier

Hitachi ProSound F75 Premier is a preferred choice of healthcare professionals for highly diagnosable images, and efficient and high quality examinations. Equipped with QuickSetter, it allows to set imaging conditions at a single touch of a button.

Discover more about the Hitachi ProSound F75 Premier.

Hitachi HI VISION Preirus


Hitachi HI VISION Preirus is equipped with the latest Hitachi technologies such as the Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine). The advanced ultrasound system generates high quality clinical images and contributes towards accurate diagnosis instantly.

Here’s all you need to know about Hitachi HI VISION Preirus.

Hitachi HI VISION Avius


Hitachi HI VISION Avius features renewed system architecture (front-end and back-end) and probes to enable higher definition images than its contemporaries. Equipped with Smart Applications, it facilitates performing examinations speedily and accurately.

Learn more about Hitachi HI VISION Avius.

Hitachi Noblus


Hitachi Noblus ultrasound diagnostic scanner has been engineered to offer immense versatility and adaptability not only in examination rooms but in other various clinical settings. Powerful transmission and reception capability further add to the performance of Noblus.

Explore the advanced features of Hitachi Noblus.

Hitachi ProSound Alpha7

ProSound Alpha7

Hitachi ProSound Alpha7 brings high-performance in a compact design. It incorporates Hitachi’s proven technologies, functions and years of experience to offer outstanding performance and unmatched mobility.

For detailed information, visit us at Hitachi ProSound Alpha7.

Hitachi ProSound Alpha6

ProSound Alpha6

Hitachi ProSound Alpha6 comes equipped with advanced features and functionality, yet has a compact design and is amazingly user-friendly. Developed for high-end modes, if offers outstanding image quality and versatility, and can be used both as a multi-purpose system and as a specialty system.

Explore the vast capabilities of Hitachi ProSound Alpha6.

Hitachi F37


The ergonomically advanced Hitachi F37 ultrasound system has a compact construction, is light weight, and has a small footprint. This makes F37 easily transportable and facilitates comfortable examinations. The intelligent design helps keep probe, power and other cables neat and tidy.

Get complete information about Hitachi F37.

Hitachi F31


Hitachi F31 offers outstanding performance in a compact design. It has been specifically engineered to enable natural and comfortable examinations during a wide range of clinical applications. Equipped with advanced imaging functions, eFlow and Free Angular M-mode (FAM), it can perform multiple functions with ease and precision.

Find out more about Hitachi F31.

Hitachi ProSound 3500SX

ProSound 3500SX

An easy-to-use diagnostic ultrasound system, ProSound 3500SX is compact yet feature-laden. While the Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE) reduces artifacts caused by near-field multiple echoes and side lobes; QFI (Quint Frequency Imaging (QFI) allows selection of optimal frequencies over an extremely wide range of probe's bandwidth.

To know more about its amazing set features, visit us at Hitachi ProSound 3500SX.

Hitachi ProSound 6

ProSound 6

The excellent image quality offered by the ProSound 6 is backed by Hitachi's proven technologies of the ProSound series. Its high-level echo examination sets a new standard in its class while its slim design makes it apt for use in a limited space such as in outpatient consulting room, operating room, etc.

Find out more about Hitachi ProSound 6.

Hitachi ProSound 4

ProSound 4

Hitachi ProSound 4 is equipped with a wide range of high image quality features within its compact design. It leverages full digital technology to produce excellent quality images. In addition, ProSound 4 is easy to operate and features several other functions that make daily examination absolutely stress-free.

Get complete information about Hitachi ProSound 4.

Hitachi ProSound 2

ProSound 2

Hitachi ProSound 2 is another portable ultrasound system that meets the demand for high image quality. It is easy to operate and features an array of probes which make it apt for diverse examination environments.

For more information, visit us at Hitachi ProSound 2.