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Hitachi Advanced Components & Materials

Advanced Components & Materials

Hitachi Metals specializes in the manufacture of advanced components and materials that utilize advanced technology to meet and exceed the requirements of a variety of industries in a highly competitive market. Our comprehensive range of advanced components and materials consists of: automotive-related products, electronics-related products and infrastructure-related products. Browse through the categories listed below for more information about Hitachi Metals expertise in advanced components and materials.

Hitachi Automotive Related Products

Automotive-Related Products

Hitachi Metals fulfills the demand for higher efficiency and better energy conservation around the world with its advanced automotive-related products. Our comprehensive range of high-quality products includes components for drive motors, inverter parts and components for thin-walled, lightweight, and highly heat-resistant engines and exhaust systems.

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Hitachi Electronics Related Products

Electronics-Related Products

Hitachi Metals utilizes its expertise in testing, product commercialization and mass production to create products that answers the diverse needs of electronics market. We offer specialized electronics-related products such as magnets and motor-related products, LCD display and semiconductor package components, electromagnetic compatibility and noise reduction and medical and analytical equipment, among others.

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Hitachi Infrastructure Related Products

Infrastructure-Related Products

Hitachi Metals’ range of advanced infrastructure-related products contributes to the improvement of quality, productivity and energy conservation in the social infrastructure sector. Our diverse range of products include energy-related products, materials for aircraft components, piping equipment, information network, industrial equipment, rolling stock products and rubber and others.

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