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Hitachi Infocomm Technology Solution

Hitachi's goal is to build an enriched society with ubiquitous information. Hitachi makes immense contribution towards the development of information lifelines by offering reliable, high-performance advanced platform technologies and solutions.

The ICT Solutions Business Group offers customers innovative consulting, business applications and system integration solutions. These leading-edge business solutions help clients to improve their business processes and lower their total cost of ownership. It comprises of three main areas:

1. Hitachi System Management Solution (SMS) / Job Management Partner 1 (JP1)

SMS Job Management Partner 1 (JP1) software is the best-in-class management solution. It provides three significant functionalities:

  • Automation
  • IT Compliance
  • Monitoring

JP1 is a suite of innovative products that seamlessly integrate across diverse systems and multiple platforms to automate the day-to-day operations of system management. The JP1 suite of desktop, job, availability, and integrated management solutions is utilized across various industrial verticals worldwide for promoting automation and productivity for systems of every size - from single-server PCs to large-scale system's and optimizing enterprise total cost of ownership.

2. Hitachi Business Solution Integration Division (BSI)

BSI is a leading regional systems integrator. It offers a diverse set of multi-industry, end-to-end or point ICT solutions:

  • ICT Professional Services
  • ICT Business Applications
  • ICT Infrastructure Solutions

3. Hitachi Total Security Solutions Division (TSS)

TSS provides integrated physical and logical security solutions such as Finger Vein (FV) Biometric, Surveillance Monitoring, Wireless Door Access, etc.

Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication System
Hitachi Infocomm Technology History

Proliferation of the Internet has ushered in the "information explosion era" where the amount of information distributed is abundant. Hitachi has been researching the creation of an information environment that can effectively utilize this massive volume of information. As a result, one of the solution developments is the highly reliable "cloud service".

Besides data management, Hitachi has also developed numerous highly public systems for handling money, including Midori no Madoguchi service counters at train stations, as well as systems for government offices in Japan. In addition, Hitachi has a proven track record in creating advanced, highly dependable information environments.

Hitachi's strength lies in its "control" technology that has contributed to enhanced productivity and savings in energy and resources in power, rail and industrial systems.

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Automatic switching equipment completed
Hitachi Dynaglass Reinforced Plastics Pte Ltd

Dynaglass Reinforced Plastics Pte Ltd

Being a reinforced plastic manufacturer, Dynaglass Reinforced Plastics was required to ensure smooth and fast operation within the company. Hitachi Business Solution Integration Division helped to integrate manufacturing and accounting functions, make operations more structured and provide better visibility into the business's inventory.

Hitachi Sumitomo Corporation (Asia) Pte Ltd

Sumitomo Corporation (Asia) Pte Ltd

As Sumitomo Corporation does business operations in the Asia region, it is crucial to integrate regional businesses and reduce management costs. Hitachi JP1/Software Distribution helped to lower costs; improve end-user support, and enable centralized and distributed management of client PCs spread over nine business entities across ASEAN and India.

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Advanced Desktop Management

Advanced Desktop Management

JP1/SD and JP1/AIM can automate the process of installing PC software, collecting asset information, getting needed software to desktops faster, while reducing costs.

Hitachi Total Security Solutions

Working to ensure a safe and secure society (Total Security Solutions)

The Hitachi Group is engaged in a wide variety of operations ranging from social infrastructures to IT solutions. By utilizing its unique integrated capabilities, the Hitachi Group provides total security solutions. The video showcases Hitachi's engagement towards ensuring greater safety and security in business, day-to-day life and society.

Hitachi Finger Vein Pattern Recognition Technology

Finger Vein Pattern Recognition Technology (Finger vein patterns are opening up a new future)

This is a new form of security technology to authenticate individuals by scanning finger vein patterns. This video provides a simple overview of Hitachi's original authentication technology and shows several examples of how Finger Vein Pattern Authentication is increasingly widely used in the society which include ATMs and PC login.