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Hitachi in India

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Hitachi Payment Services & Solutions

Payment Services

Hitachi offers a complete suite of secure and innovative financial transaction processing services to financial institutions, retailers, merchant aggregators and financial ecosystem providers. Here's an overview of various Hitachi payment services:

Hitachi ATM Services

ATM Services

We provide a comprehensive range of ATM services for banks and financial institutions. We have strong industry expertise in ATM services including ATM deployment, services and transaction processing. Our innovative and cost effective ATM services are customized to satisfy customer requirements.

Hitachi POS Services

POS Services

Hitachi is a preferred POS services provider to a number of leading banks and their merchant customers. We are committed to excellence and our custom built POS services aim to contribute to the rapid growth of electronic payment mediums in India.

Emerging Payments Systems

Emerging Payments

Our emerging payments business unit offers "non-cash" and innovative payment systems primarily for non-bank entities outside the traditional ATM and POS channels. These include Mobile POS, card management, switching services and e-commerce based payments.

Hitachi Banking Channel Products

Banking Channel Products

Hitachi is at the forefront of banking channel products in India. Our cash recycling ATM is an efficient solution which helps financial institutions increase operational efficiency while delivering significant cost savings. Another banking channel product which has helped improve customer experience is the Passbook Entry Machine (PEM). It can automatically update a customer's passbook.

Social Innovation Business

Co-creating a better tomorrow

Hitachi Social Innovation Business