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Hitachi Railway Systems

Rail Systems

Hitachi is one of the few railway manufacturers in the world capable of providing not only the latest in rolling stock technology, but also a full range of products and services in on-board components, signaling & train control systems, traffic management, operational control center, passenger information & ticketing systems, power supply, station equipment and train depot systems & maintenance, maintenance of OHE and Track systems. Hitachi’s technical expertise in all E&M subsystems gives it a unique competitive edge in realizing seamless integration throughout the railway system. Our engineers continually work towards the development of smart solutions for railways that meet the growing urbanization needs around the world.

Hitachi Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock

Hitachi draws on several years of experience to provide a full line-up of rolling stock so as to match the needs of all passenger railway transit, from energy efficient trains for daily commuting to high speed trains that can operate at the fastest commercial speeds possible. Rolling Stock solutions that can run at commercial speeds exceeding 200 kmph upto a maximum of 350 kmph include many solutions such as High speed (Japanese Shinkansen Technology, High Speed Projects in UK, High speed lightweight trains with bolsterless Bogie), Intercity Trains (Tilting Train, Bi-mode solution), Urban transport (Commuter Trains/Metro Trains, Monorail Solutions or the Linear Metro Driven Systems). As a key player in the development of the Shinkansen bullet train vehicles in Japan, Hitachi has taken part in all Shinkansen rolling stock projects

For more information, explore Hitachi Rolling Stock.

Hitachi Signalling Systems

Signalling Systems

Hitachi’s proven signaling technologies serve global railway industry with path-breaking solutions to help them achieve ride comfort and shortened train headway to increase overall network capacity. As a leading provider of digital signaling solutions to Japanese railway operators, Hitachi's proven signaling technologies in digital Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) provide the global railway market with market leading solutions for achieving better ride comfort and shortened train headway to increase overall network capacity.

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On-board Components

On-board Components

Hitachi is one of the leading providers of propulsion units to Japan’s largest railway operators. With the capacity to develop and manufacture all major on-board rolling stock components in-house, Hitachi Railway Systems provides the optimal solutions for reliability, efficiency and performance. On-board Components typically manufactured in-house include IGBTW switching devices, Control Unit, Traction Housing, CPU Core Unit, ATI (Autonomous Decentralized Train Integrated System), HVAC (Air conditioning equipment for advanced commuter train). We have an excellent track-record of on-time delivery of highest quality on-board components.

Learn everything you need to know about Hitachi On-board Components.

Hitachi Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Hitachi’s traffic management system handles complex operations at railway stations with ease. It enables station staff to communicate a wide variety of information to passengers through indicator boards to improve ridership convenience. At times of disruption, Hitachi's system automatically readjusts the train's operations to recover the planned timetable as quickly as possible. If there is a serious diagram disruption, Hitachi's system can also deal with extreme diagram disruptions by interlinking updated train operation and automated passenger information with current line information. The system status is monitored to ensure prompt recovery in case of failure or an accident, and functions are included to give warnings to maintenance staff if problems arise.

Get complete details about Hitachi Traffic Management system.

Hitachi Power Supply

Power Supply

Hitachi Power Supply Solutions for transport offer proven power systems and solutions to help customers with reliable, safety and low power loss railway systems. In addition, we have continually provided innovated Equipment to meet customer's requirement, to save environment-friendly equipment, and to save maintenance cost. The current main innovated Equipment, Cubicle type Vacuum Insulated Switchgear (C-VIS), High Speed Vacuum Circuit Breaker (HSVCB), Energy Storage for Traction Power Supply System (B-Chop), Stray Current Monitoring System (SCMS) are examples of some of the innovated equipment that have been selected and applauded by many customers all over the world.
We're not only just Equipment Supplier and System Integrator and Consultant for Power Supply System but also the provider for most suitable and efficient railway service

For more information, please visit Hitachi Power Supply System and Equipment for Railway.

Hitachi Station Equipment

Station Equipment

Hitachi supplies elevators and escalators solutions worldwide, with special focus on markets in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Hitachi station equipment includes world-class elevators and escalators designed specifically to address the growing needs of the railway sectors worldwide.

Explore more about Hitachi Station Equipment.

Passenger/Information Service Solutions

Passenger/Information Service Solutions

Hitachi contributes to the improvement of the service for railway users and administrative efficiency for railway business operators by meeting various needs in the new era. Passenger/information service solutions has diverse functions such as On-Board passenger information display, Seat Reservation systems, Smartcard management systems, Station/On-board information delivery system, Advertising Management system.

Find out more about Hitachi Passenger/Information Service Solutions.

Hitachi Depot Systems

Depot Systems

Hitachi depot systems are intelligent mobility solutions designed to support the next generation transportation infrastructure. At Hitachi, our goal behind the development of smart mobility solutions is to facilitate safer and comfortable movement of people as well as build more eco-friendly cities.

Find out more about Hitachi Depot Systems.

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