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Hitachi in India

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Hitachi started its business in India in the 1930's. With over 25 business bases and over 10,000 employees in India presently, Hitachi Group in India is expanding through using its expertise in 'Social Innovation Business'.

Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. (HIL) markets and sells a wide range of products/services ranging from Information & Telecommunications Systems, Digital Solutions & Services, Infrastructure Systems, Industrial Systems like Water, Oil & Gas supply and management to Transportation and Urban Development Systems. Together with further localization, Hitachi aims to contribute to developing a sustainable society in India as well as contributing to the country's economic growth.

Some interesting facts about Hitachi:

  • Hitachi first started out as an electrical repair shop for a copper mining company in Hitachi City.
  • Hitachi's first products were electric motors.
  • Hitachi, Ltd. was established in 1910.
  • The inherent meaning of is corporate statement "Inspire the Next" means to breathe life into the coming age.
  • In the Japanese context, "Hi" means "Sun" while "tachi" means "Rise" which is why HITACHI is known as "Sunrise".

Hitachi India Research & Development Centre

Hitachi Research & Development Centre in India is an institution consisting of world class researchers hailing from top Indian universities, as well as prestigious universities overseas. It is an integral part of Hitachi's global R&D network which has state-of-the-art laboratories at various locations around the world, Japan, U.K., France, Germany, USA, China, Singapore and Brazil, among others.