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Message from GM

Dr. Yasushi Harada
Corporate CTO & GM
R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

Greetings! Welcome to the R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

Hitachi, in line with its credo and foundation of Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit, bears a profound meaning. This spirit represents the core values and beliefs of Hitachi and is aimed towards the betterment of the society through innovative developments of high end technological products. Since setting down our foot in the year 1910, we are striving towards a society that is more sustainable, progressive and prosperous. Such initiatives are realized by working with our customers to perceive their needs and challenges in a sound manner. This has been the force behind the R&D Centre of Hitachi India: ‘Let’s become bigger, stronger and more sustainable’.

Since over 100 years, Hitachi has been bringing about innovations to the society in different areas like social infrastructure & industrial systems, IT systems, high functional materials, electronic equipment, automotive systems, construction machinery, and more. In order to increase our contribution to society, we are creating and capitalizing on new R&D initiative, which we call customer co-creation. This initiative makes it possible for us to provide the best solutions for customers by starting with a proof-of-concept, leading it to commercial use on top of Hitachi’s Lumada platform. We closely work with our customers, which gives us an opportunity to understand their challenges and design solutions just as they need.

The R&D centre of Hitachi India, with the best mix of Indian and Japanese researchers, is covering a variety of areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, software engineering, payment and security services, water, transportation and power systems, and power electronics. The motto of Hitachi India R&D centre is “Let’s become bigger, stronger and more sustainable”. Through our competency and effort in technology development and customer co-creation, I believe that we can empower India, move the globe and, thereby, we can consequently become what we want to be.