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We contribute to Hitachi’s Indian & Global industrial and infrastructure business through our advanced simulation technology. Some of the core areas of our research domain in India are water and leakage management that allow us to address diverse problems like water supply and distribution in the country. We also collaborate with water utility authorities to overcome the challenges in operation and maintenance of water networks using Hitachi’s Pipe Network Management System (PNMS) technology.

By reducing problems like leakage, water supply shortage can be resolved and end-customer service can be improved. This way, we continue to support Hitachi’s business units to expand globally by aligning our technology with global market demands.

Key research themes

At Hitachi India, our R&D team is developing an intelligent water supply solution using Hitachi’s Pipe Network Management System (PNMS) to help water utilities in the developing countries. Our intelligent water supply solution has three themes:

1. Estimation of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and Leakage
We are working to develop a water balance simulator with a model-based missing data estimation methodology for accurate estimation of NRW, leakage and commercial losses. This helps the authorities to compensate missing and uncertain data in the utility database due to damaged or faulty meters, unmetered and unbilled consumptions, etc.

2. Forecast the Water Demand
A realistic model of pressure-dependent demand in water distribution network enables us to understand the actual flows and pressures in the network and analyze the real field conditions, such as demand satisfaction, leakage and equitability in water supply. Being able to forecast water demands, we will be able to plan a strategy for improvement of service levels, creating a continuous supply system.

3. Reduction in Leakage
We are involved in exploring the application of PNMS to check for leakage reduction feasibility while ensuring demand satisfaction in the network.

Intelligent water supply solution