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Information and Control Systems : Hitachi in India


As a total system integrator, the Infomarion and Control Systems Company aims at building a safe, secure, comfortable, and green society. Next-Generation City Global Business Smart and Smooth

Hitachi provides optimal systems and solutions to operate and manage smart infrastructure such as thermal power plants, energy transmission lines, railway lines and large sized steel plants.
As Hitachi owns control and information systems, we can integrate the two to provide optimized systems, products and solutions suitably for India.


Power Generation / Transmission Control Systems

Thermal and Hydro-electric Power Generation Systems

Hitachi's wealth of achievements and wide product range create a future electric-power solution.

Smart Grid

Striving toward a low carbon community, Hitachi leverages its all-round competence to provide good products and solutions.

Electric Power Protection and Control Systems

We make full use of digital technology to cope with increasingly large and complex electric power systems.

Control Systems for Industry

Information Solutions for Industry

Hitachi's total solution for the manufacturing industry helps to optimize operations and to manage the environment. It realizes integrated production control, including manufacture traceability and environmental management.

Steel Plant Control Systems

Hitachi's technology supports global steel production.

Power Electronics

Hitachi's power electronics - the key to present-day society.

Medium Voltage Multi-level Drives

Efficient and energy-saving production equipment will be of great help to both society and industry.