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Social Innovation Business

Social Infrastructure


An advanced and modern social infrastructure is critical to the creation of a sustainable society. Progressive OT x IT technologies have the power to calibrate safety, security, and comfort complementing societal requirements while minimizing ecological impact, thus creating improved ecosystems that evolve with the changing needs of society.


Information Technology Solution (IT Solutions)

Information Technology
Solution (IT Solutions)

This era of digital transformation offers us phenomenal opportunities to help businesses surpass goals and set new benchmarks. Hitachi brings together comprehensive knowledge of advanced technologies to deliver IT solutions that catalyze the increase in Return on Investments (ROI) while increasing agility and optimizing IT costs.


High Function Materials & Components

High Function
Materials & Components

Hitachi leverages over a century of rich knowledge in diverse materials and components to support the rapidly augmenting industrial landscape in India. Contributing to a technologically advanced industrial sector, our next-generation High Function Materials & Components propel efficiency across various fields ranging from IT to automobiles, without compromising on environmental values.


Construction Machinery


Unlocking the potential of our rapidly urbanizing nation, Tata Hitachi is dedicated to innovating and offering high-calibre construction equipment solutions in India. With the aim of strengthening companies with a competitive edge, we use our experience and capabilities to enhance productivity and profitability through state-of-the-art Construction Machinery solutions that improve operational performance.


Automotive Solutions


India is undergoing accelerated infrastructural modernization, which in turn catalyses the demand for better practices and increased efficiency in the automotive industry. Hitachi responds to the evolving demands of the automotive sector by using OT x IT technology to deliver Automotive Solutions, Systems and Components that contribute to the success of the automotive industry while reducing the carbon footprints.


Industrial Products & Services

Products & Services

Performance, accuracy, and productivity are the key characteristics that point towards a next-generation industrial sector. Hitachi leverages in-depth knowledge curated through years of research and development to strengthen the nation’s industrial sector with state-of-the-art Scientific-Instruments, Industrial & IT Systems.


Consumer Durables


Applying its unrivalled technological proficiency, Hitachi designs and manufacturers world-class consumer durables. Promising best performance, energy efficiency and modern design, Hitachi extends its range of consumer products including air conditioners, refrigerators and Smart LED TVs for the most comfortable living.


Social Innovation Business

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