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Healthcare Solutions

The union of next-generation technology with innovative proficiency is the source of Hitachi’s refined, reliable and user-friendly advanced healthcare solutions. Our endeavor to benefit the society acts as a stimulant for the development of economically viable and patient-centric treatment and diagnostic solutions.

Hitachi Healthcare Solutions

Computed Tomography

The rapidly growing demand for accuracy and agility in diagnostics requires progressive healthcare solutions for increased efficacy and exceptional imaging. Hitachi delves into extensive knowledge in breakthrough healthcare solutions to develop compact Computed Tomography Systems (CT systems) that are designed for superior imaging, enhanced operations, increased precision and adaptability.

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Magnetic Resonance
Imaging System

With the aim to deliver assured diagnostic credibility to the user along with improved patient experiences, our MRI systems and solutions account for assured reliability and upgraded usability. We, at Hitachi, are backed by decades of experience in advanced technologies and use our capabilities to deliver trusted MRI systems as well as contemporary superconductive MRI application technologies.

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Ultrasound System

Efficient Ultrasound Systems have the potential to enhance outcomes and diminish risk, thus benefiting the user and patient with enhanced experiences. With our innovation-centric philosophy at the core, we focus on improved patient-comfort and versatility to provide real-time, accurate and superior quality clinical images through our powerful and compact Ultrasound Systems.

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Particle Beam
Therapy Solution

With over 200,000 successful treatments worldwide, Particle Beam Therapy is growing to be the preferred treatment when compared to conventional radiation1. Stemming from over 20 years of experience in particle therapy technology and Hitachi’s patient-first ideology, our Particle Beam Therapy (PBT) system imbibes innovation in cancer therapy. Our PBT system ensures lower dose exposure to healthy tissue while delivering maximum energy doses to the target tumour.

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