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Computed Tomography Systems

With healthcare solutions constantly evolving, technological upgrading is inevitable. Hitachi focuses its expertise on delivering dose-efficient Computed Tomography Systems (CT Systems) that stem from a patient-centric philosophy. With optimized operations and superior imaging, Hitachi envisions customer satisfaction above and beyond expectation.


Evolution in progressive technology is a constant objective at Hitachi, bringing leading-edge advancement to CT systems. The application of high-precision technology for whole-body scanning and imaging has led to the metamorphosis of 0.35s/rot scanning. A pioneer in 0.35s/rot whole-body scanning, 64ch/128slice CT SCENARIA provides holistic solutions in terms of patient-safety, usability, high-quality imaging, and seamless operations.


Supria 64

The Hitachi ideology stems from creating an improved future through the consistent transformation of technologies. We believe in offering solutions that imbibe efficiency, care, and ease-of-use, through our technologically advanced product SUPRIA 64. Our offering is the comprehensive key to the multifarious healthcare applications with 1 sec/rot high-speed scanning and precise diagnosis. The Supria 64 is a reflection of our expertise with the advantage of a compact size, imaging par excellence and dose-efficiency.



With an innovation-centric philosophy, Hitachi delves into decades of proficiency in CT systems to inspect, innovate and manufacture the SUPRIA CT. This all-encompassing solution is cost-effective for varied healthcare applications. From workflow-efficiency to optimized-dosage, patient-care and ease-of-use; we have combined progressive technology with our commitment to excellence to give you an effective future.

Computed Tomography Systems

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