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Magnet Resonance Imaging System

The present fast-paced routine life demands perpetual innovation in healthcare. At Hitachi, we endeavor to recognize societal need and constantly leverage our expertise to aid in overall progress. We are stimulating India’s evolution in the healthcare industry by addressing India’s biggest challenges in imaging with advanced Magnet Resonance Imaging Systems like the ECHELON Smart that are focused on enriching patient experience while delivering diagnostic confidence.


Patient comfort should be the topmost priority in the healthcare industry but without compromising on efficiency, cost and quality of diagnosis. In this transformative era for MRI technologies, Hitachi’s ECHELON Smart stands out as the new benchmark for 1.5T superconductive Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems. Featuring a small footprint, our cost efficient systems up the potential for 1.5T systems. With faultless image quality, superior install flexibility and unrivaled imaging noise-reduction*, the ECHELON Smart offers enlightened options in superconductive MRI systems.
*Varies with the imaging conditions.



Every patient has unique needs and each need leads to a range of clinical indications. Magnetic resonance imaging systems that meet these diverse clinical, operational and financial requirements warrant headway in the healthcare industry. Hitachi APERTO Lucent combines systematic operations, efficient design and highly reproductive imaging to process information instantly, thus ensuring optimum patient comfort along with peerless functional performance.



Aging is a natural phenomenon that comes with its own necessities calling for periodic medical interventions. We, at Hitachi, believe that such interventions require world-class diagnostics to ensure the longevity of human life. Delving into our extensive expertise, we innovate technology that can make a difference by creating diagnostic solutions to explore clinical possibilities at all stages of life. The AIRIS Vento open MRI technology gives forth an innovative open design and highly conducive operability to cater to individual patient needs.



Hitachi believes in drawing inspiration from the community, one that comes alive with a combination of diverse people, thoughts and elements. Inspirited by the union of several different facets, the AIRIS Light MRI System brings together modernized imaging technologies and workflow solutions that enhance the efficiency of examinations. We generate value for the community by creating a means to confident diagnosis using RADAR & VASC-ASL, improved patient comfort and ease-of-use with an open design and laterally aligned table.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

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