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Particle Beam Therapy Solution

Our cutting-edge Particle Therapy Solution is the union of extensive proficiency in radiation therapy and synchrotron-based accelerator systems, thus ensuring high-precision and result-oriented success.

Particle Therapy Solution

Particle therapy is one of the most advanced forms of cancer treatment. The delivery of high dose to a target with high precision and reduced side effects are the primary qualities that make this therapy so unique. Refining the technology and expanding its accessibility to more cancer patients did not happen overnight. Years of research and development, a broad range of technical and clinical experience, and collaborative work with world-class hospitals and cancer centers have given Hitachi a reputation for providing the medical community with the highest level of quality, exceptionally high clinical availability and cutting-edge innovations in particle therapy.

Hitachi’s Particle Therapy Technologies Hitachi's technical advantages are based on its incomparably precise beam control technology - resulting from the continual refinement of electromagnet and synchrotron accelerator design since the 1970's. Leveraging its core strength, Hitachi has collaborated with customers to develop market-leading innovative technology, optimized to meet operational and clinical needs.

Discover why leaders in cancer therapy across the globe have selected Hitachi as a long-term partner to help patients fight cancer.

Hitachi Particle Therapy Solution

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