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High Function Materials & Components

At Hitachi, we dedicate our pervasive knowledge in advanced technologies and solutions on the continuous evolution of society through the innovation and development of High Function Materials and Components that are designed to provide unrivalled solutions directed towards enhancing the socio-economic values of the customer.

Amorphous Material

Our earth-friendly high-technology amorphous material can help reduce no-load loss in distribution transformers significantly compared to those using grain-oriented electrical steel. Being made from recyclable material, Hitachi amorphous core also contributes to the cause of environmental sustainability. Our Metglas® & Nanocrystalline material Finemet promotes energy saving and CO2 reduction by diminishing the energy used at No load stages.

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Advanced Components & Materials

With the divergent changes surrounding the automotive, infrastructure and electronics industries in India, we invest our technological competence to manufacture insightful solutions using a blend of our advanced capabilities. We are a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art rolls for steel manufacturers, specialty steel for moulds & tools, ferrite magnets, automotive castings and cable products.

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