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Hitachi Electronics Materials

Electronics Materials

Hitachi Chemicals manufactures a wide variety of materials for the electronics industry. Our product range includes semiconductor related materials, display and touch related materials, photovoltaic related materials and functional films. Browse through the categories listed below to explore more about Hitachi’s expertise in different electronics materials.

Hitachi Semiconductor Related Materials

Semiconductor Related Materials

Hitachi Chemical has deep expertise in the manufacture of wafer process materials and fabrication process related materials. We offer a comprehensive range of semiconductor related materials including CMP slurry, high heat resistant fine polyimides for VLSI, photosensitive insulation coating, die bonding paste, die bonding film, die bonding film, liquid encapsulants and LOC tape, among others.

Learn more about Hitachi Chemical Semiconductor Related Materials.

Display and Touch Panel Related Materials

Display and Touch Panel Related Materials

Hitachi Chemical is a known leader in display and touch panel related materials. We offer a complete line-up of anisotropic conductive film that contributes to the high definition of the LCD. Our range of products comprises of anisotropic conductive films, transparent conductive transfer film, optical clear adhesive materials and adhesive film for display.

For more information, visit Hitachi Chemical at Display and Touch Panel Related Materials.

Hitachi Photovoltaic Related Materials

Photovoltaic Related Materials

Hitachi Chemical offers a diverse range of photovoltaic related materials including paste material and solder alternative materials for connecting the tab lines in the cell of the solar cell. Our conductive film is an effective substitute for solder for interconnecting electrodes on PV cells and tab ribbons.

Find out more Hitachi Chemical Photovoltaic Related Materials.

Hitachi Functional Films

Functional Films

Hitachi Chemical provides a variety of products such as advanced films, RFID tag, foam products and food wrap. While our advanced films protect the subject’s surface from scratches and improve lubrication, our RIFD tags are apt for harsh conditions not supported by conventional type of RIFD.

Explore the complete range of Hitachi Chemical Functional Films.

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