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Industrial Products & Services

Hitachi's industrial products and services aim to meet the growing demand of the industrial sector in India. Our high quality products and services comprise scientific instruments, industrial & IT systems, in addition to advanced industrial products.

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Scientific Instruments

Hitachi's scientific instruments include electron microscopes, along with analytical systems such as thermal analysis instruments, high performance liquid chromatographs, potentiometric titrators and mercury analyzers. Our wide array of scientific instruments helps connect society and science to create new value.

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Industrial & IT Systems

Hitachi's industrial & IT systems consist of a pharmaceutical manufacturing execution system. The HITPHAMS solution has been used by the industry for more than two decades and aids highly reliable biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Advanced Industrial Products

Among Hitachi's Advanced Industrial Products are varied automotive sensors and industrial materials and components such as compressor oil for refrigerators and air springs for railway bogie applications. Our broad line-up of advanced industrial products has been specifically developed to fulfill the growing demands of the industrial sector in India.

For more information, please visit us at Hitachi Advanced Industrial Products.

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