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India’s accelerated urbanization stands to cause a significant surge in the country’s power requirements necessitating a nationwide availability of dependable and frugal power-plant operations. Hitachi’s extensive line-up of leading-edge power solutions provides the coveted balance of economic and operational efficiency while actively managing the escalating power consumption of modern Indian societies.

HIACS-5000M-Supervisory & Control System for Power Plant

Hitachi HIACS-5000M is a synoptic system demonstrating a superlative process of managing and controlling thermal, hydro, and nuclear power. This supervisory and control system extends Hitachi’s age-old prowess in autonomous systems, rendering benchmark-performance-levels by facilitating early detection of system errors.


Thermal Power Generation Control System

Unlocking the potential of generating thermal power by leveraging renewable sources, Hitachi is bridging the yawning gap between India’s demand and supply. Our sustainable energy solutions lower operational expenditure as we arrange timely updates of system equipment and enable the plant to perform optimally throughout the year.


Energy-Saving Inverter System

The expansion of India’s economic infrastructure raises an urgent need for bifold energy-solutions that exalt industrial growth and reduce environmental burden of producing power. Hitachi’s energy-saving inverter systems not only support but propel sustainable growth across a gamut of industries by curtailing the amount of energy spent on powering the plant.


AVR, EHG (Electro-Hydraulic Governor)

As India’s renewable energy sector expects massive investments stretched over five years, Hitachi plans to extend technological expertise for judicious management of renewable sources by using the VCS-6000 and EHG. Both systems bear excitation potential whereas Hitachi EHG also facilitates turbine control allowing interchangeable application between thermal and nuclear power.


Hydroelectric Power Generation Control System

Using renewable energy sources to advantage, Hitachi employs its technological finesse to initiate a diverse range of control systems. The experience garnered over decades is skilfully metamorphosed into manufacturing an all-inclusive controller, which works optimally in managing small power plants. At Hitachi, our constant endeavour is to create products that utilize renewable sources yet surpass industry standards in terms of performance and efficiency.


Integrated Business Support System for Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hitachi foresees a significant increase in demand for power as India inches towards nationwide urbanization. The scenario requires implementation of integrated business support systems across organizations in the power sector. Browse more to see how Hitachi’s high-tech integrated systems scale up operational efficiency to increase power-output through hydroelectric and thermal plants.


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