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Hitachi Railway Systems Hitachi Railway Systems
  • Rolling Stock

    Rolling Stock

    Railways is facing a pressing requirement to meet performance and functional standards in terms of reliability and speed, with safety as the dominant priority. While the enhancement of the railway systems is focused around developing overall dependability, the reduction of environmental impact and overall costs remains a prevailing concern. Hitachi’s full line up of rolling stock matches the need of Indian railways by maximizing safety and economies of scale through its latest energy efficient rolling stock.

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  • Hitachi Rolling Stock
  • Hitachi Signalling Systems
  • Signalling Systems

    Signalling Systems

    Improved safety, optimized operational efficiency, and decreased management and maintenance costs are eminent challenges clouding the railways in India. Dynamic signaling systems are proving to be the need of the hour for swifter responses and real-time communication. Hitachi powers railways with its proven signaling technologies in digital ATP, ATO, and CBTC for a comfortable experience and augmented network capacity.

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  • On-board Components


    Railways is undergoing a renaissance fueled by the yearning for swifter, more agile and energy efficient networks as India endeavors steadfast and competent mass transit solutions. As one of the preferred propulsion unit providers to Japan’s largest railway operators, Hitachi is leveraging its technical expertise and innovative capabilities to develop in-house on-board rolling stock components such as ATI, HVAC, CPU Core Unit & Traction Housing for superior long-term performance of rolling stocks.

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  • On-board Components
  • Hitachi Traffic Management
  • Traffic Management


    The rapidly advancing network of railways demands competent delivery of information, quick reaction time, punctuality and user-friendly interfaces for the welfare of both staff and ridership convenience. We at Hitachi are committed to developing solutions for building a comfortable and sustainable society. Our traffic management system not only automatically readjusts the train’s operations during disruption, but also communicates accurate information and relays warnings to the maintenance personnel for an unperturbed journey and the convenience to the commuters.

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  • Power Supply

    Power Supply

    Distinct logistical requirements and technical specifications along with a decrease in maintenance costs and carbon footprints are prevailing essentials that the power supply for railways are required to factor in. Hitachi continually strives to innovate equipment that is environment-friendly, gratifies customer expectations, and diminishes cost. We aim to empower stable operations of the railway network by specifically designing power supply equipment to meet strict norms laid by the Railways. We perform extensive environmental testing before release to ensure superlative endurance and performance.

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  • Hitachi Power Supply
  • Hitachi Station Equipment
  • Station Equipment

    Station Equipment

    A day in the fast-paced life of a commuter consists of brief transfers, exceedingly busy rush hours and inconsistent changes in schedules, which are all challenges that stem from major transit hubs like railway stations. We aspire to add convenience and efficiency into such high human traffic areas through unrivaled series of escalators, elevators and moving walkways, which have been conceived around the concepts of safety and people orientation.

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  • Passenger/Information Service Solutions

    Service Solutions

    The rapidly increasing number of railway users is affecting the administrative efficiency of the railways. The objective today, is to enhance responsiveness and reduce cost while providing favorable passenger experiences. Hitachi’s passenger/information service solutions aid administrative operations in surmounting these challenges and improving overall administrative efficiency. Functions such as onboard passenger information display, advertising management systems, smart card management systems, and seat reservation systems that are offered by Hitachi aid in holistically enhancing productivity.

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  • Passenger/Information Service Solutions
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