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Hitachi in India

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Social Innovation Business

Hitachi Social Innovation Business is about formulating solutions for sustainable urban development worldwide. We address critical global issues such as transportation infrastructure, clean water and develop superior technologies that promote a smooth and efficient transition to the Smart Grid.

About Us

About Us

Our vision is to deliver innovations that answer society's key challenges. We contribute to society by developing superior, original technologies and products.

India Directory

India Directory

Explore Hitachi's branch pages to get in-depth knowledge about our branches and business in India.

Hitachi Events & Highlights

Events and Highlights

Being a responsible corporate citizen, Hitachi organizes a number of events and activities that contribute to the betterment of local people and their communities. read more

Social Innovations for Future- Solutions for India was recently organized by Hitachi in partnership with NDTV. Solutions for various infrastructural issues were provided. read more

February 16, 2015
Hitachi Group's India Business Strategy is to promote measures to contribute towards medium to long term growth of Indian society through Social Innovation Business. read more

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum showcased technologies to cope infrastructural challenges arisen due to rapid urbanization in India. read more

February 16, 2015
Hitachi Lift India was recently awarded an order for 58 units of elevators for premium residential project "Crescent bay" in Mumbai, India. read more

Hitachi Case Studies

Hitachi Case StudiesHitachi case studies exhibit our technical prowess and vast experience across multiple verticals. Discover how Hitachi's bespoke solutions have helped clients overcome the most critical challenges. read more

Case Study - Energy Efficient Elevator Systems for a Residential ProjectMega residential project Olympia Opaline chose Hitachi Lift India over competitors for eco-friendly, efficient and reliable elevator systems- HGP, VFI and Home Elevators. read more

Case Study - Advanced ATM Solution for Evolved Banking Needs in IndiaA premier nationalized bank of India sought Hitachi-Omron's assistance in overcoming increased demand for teller services. HT-2845-V Cash Recycling ATM was Hitachi's answer to it. read more

Case Study - New IT Solutions to Improve Operational EfficiencyFaced with problems with the Microsoft Dynamics Navision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Toshiba sought Hitachi's help in managing job efficiency. read more

Case Study - Technological Advancements in Broadcasting IndustryHitachi facilitated the migration of MediaCorp from analog to digital enabling optimum deployment and productivity. read more