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Company Information

Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Business Profile

At Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd., we partner urban requirements with modern technologies to bring about simplified solutions for the contemporary and future consumer. We infuse comfort in the daily lives and give a glimpse of the cities of the future with our advanced products and services.

Company Information
Company Name Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd.
Address 802 A & B, 8th floor, Konnectus Building - Tower 2, Bhavbhuti Marg, Near Minto Bridge, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001
Tel +91-11-3060-5290
Fax +91-11-3060-5299


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Major Products/Services

Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd. utilizes modern day technology in the development and designing of its products. The technology that took over a century to develop has been a vital component in the high quality and sleek escalators and elevators.