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Case Studies

(Released in September 2012)

New IT Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiency

Founded in 1974, Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation - a global high technology product leader with 315 major affiliates worldwide.

Toshiba Singapore's business lies in the sales and marketing of advanced electronic and electrical products and systems.

The company brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of products: Personal computers (PCs) and related parts, visual and household consumer products as well as electronic imaging products in Asia.

It is also Toshiba Corporation's Asia headquarters for TV products.

As a leading provider of personal and business-use products, Toshiba Singapore uses Hitachi Job Management Partner 1/Automatic Job Management System (Hitachi JP1/AJS) to enhance job management efficiency, sharpen data accuracy, as well as reduce the administrative workload of its IT team and end-users.

Problems with the Microsoft Dynamics Navision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system:

  • Lacks critical features like automatic alerts and event-based job runs
  • Substantial IT overhead incurred from manual monitoring of job runs
  • Unnecessary man-hours spent on job management
  • High error risk-rate due to manual operations

Solutions offered by Hitachi JP1/AJS:

  • Enhanced job creation, scheduling and status monitoring
  • Reduced manual effort by IT team and end-users
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Compatibility with ERP system

Customer: Toshiba

Industries: ERP Systems

Region: India

Release Date: September, 2012

Products & Services: ERP Systems

Solutions By: Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd.