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With over 100 years of experience in the power sector, Hitachi is engaged in responding to the power generation and transmission equipment needs of clients across the globe. Hitachi offers a broad range of technologically advanced power products such as integrated plant, boiler and turbine control systems as well as human-machine interface, controllers, inverter solutions, high-speed calculation AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) and EHG (Electro-Hydraulic Governor).

Hitachi Autonomous Control System

Hitachi Autonomous Control System HIACS-5000M -Supervisory & Control System for Power Plant

Hitachi's expertise in autonomous control systems is backed by excellent delivery record such as Japan's largest unit capacity 1,050 MW thermal power plant control system. Equipped with advanced features including high power operation monitoring and maintenance support system, Hitachi supervisory and control systems for power plants are among the industry-best.

Get complete information about Hitachi Autonomous Control System HIACS-5000M.

Thermal Power Generation Control System

Thermal Power Generation Control System

Hitachi is a leading provider of thermal power plant I&C system and supervisory and control system for combined cycle plant. Our products help extend the lifespan of the power plant through the partial renewal of existing systems and updating systems of third-party vendors.

Learn more about Hitachi Thermal Power Generation Control System.

Energy-Saving Inverter System

Energy-Saving Inverter System

Hitachi's energy-saving inverter system ensures significant energy savings and lowers CO2 consumption of power plant. We have numerous examples of application to an induced draft fan (IDF) to showcase our expertise in inverter systems.

Visit us at Hitachi Energy-Saving Inverter System to explore the examples of our expertise.



Hitachi's excitation system VCS-6000 applies to all types of excitation regardless of capacity. Same is true about Hitachi turbine control EHS system which applies to thermal power for industrial use to commercially used nuclear power.

Discover more about Hitachi AVR, EHG.

Hydroelectric Power Generation Control System

Hydroelectric Power Generation Control System

Hitachi offers a comprehensive range of power generation control systems for everything from dedicated small capacity generator to a large capacity pumped storage plant. In addition, Hitachi offers all-in-one type controller for small power plants.

Get complete information about Hitachi Hydroelectric Power Generation Control System.

Hiatchi Integrated Business Support System

Integrated Business Support System for Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hitachi provides total operational support based on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) to streamline workflow of periodic inspections, routine operations and facility management at thermal and hydro-electric power plants.

Explore the main features of Hitachi Integrated Business Support System for Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Plant.

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